Monday, March 24, 2014

Fancy Headpieces

Pin It In January we shared a round-up of of various accessories that you could sew up for your tween.  But today I thought I would share a non-sewn accessory.  This winter I wanted to make some over the top hair clips for my girls.  They like to wear fancy headbands and barrettes and I was hoping to make something that would coordinate with their mom-made clothes.

barrette version

First, I went to a craft store and picked out a couple blank headbands and metal barrettes.

Then I just went a little crazy.  I picked out items from the floral section, the beading area, and a bunch of feathers.

headband version

I took all that eclectic haul home and warmed up the glue gun.  I just started to arrange various items until I figured out what I wanted it to look like.  And then it was just a matter of gluing it all down.

small barrette

These are obviously winter themed.  But think about all the other holidays out there.  You could make a headpiece that works for Easter, 4th of July, Canada Day ... the possibilities are endless.  And this is a project that your tween can do with you.

What?  You don't like mine; or they are just not your style?  Here are a ton of there tutorials and options:

leather bow tie
I love this bow tie by delia creates.  I think it would be great for a tween boy because leather can look so cool and stylish.

Speaking of leather, what about a leather headband?  Ruffles and Stuff has a neat tutorial for a simple leather headband that would look good on ladies of all ages. 

And if you do not want to buy blank headbands or barrettes, you could make some with scrap fabrics. Some good tutorials for fabric headbands are (link in the comments):

pearls and pleats
Beachy headband
ribbon headbands
Reversible fabric headband

There are lots of no-sew options in case you don't want to get out the sewing machine for your hair accessory project.

Crafting Sarah woven headband

For something a little more understated, you can weave ribbons around a blank headband.

sailor knot headband
This is another no-sew option using old t-shirts or scraps of knit fabric.

fabric feathers headband

I personally love this dramatic no-sew headband.  As you can see by mine up top, I like a dramatic headpiece.

la fleur headband

And here is one more option.  This one is absolutely beautiful and would be lovely on Easter Sunday.

Have fun making accessories and please link your creations up to our parties so we can gain inspiration from you.

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