Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pattern Reivew: Burdastyle Drawstring Long Shirt

Pin It Last Spring, my family and I were wandering around a Bavaria town (Germany) on the Boden See.  It was a beautiful resort town and had a lovely walking area with fancy shops.  I was doing some window shopping and saw some really neat outfits that were sewn with fabrics that had patterns all in creams and light browns but the trims were in neon yellow.  It made quite an impression on me as I keep thinking about trying to do something like that myself.

Well, the time family came as I was digging through my fabric and found this wonderful check that was given to me.  I think it is a linen-poly blend because if feels wonderful but does not wrinkle much.

I used a pattern for a shirt dress from burdastyle that I thought would suit the understated neon trend.  The fun thing about this pattern, is that it is designed to have three different looks.

Drawstring long shirt

This first one is the pattern I used.  I used ribbon for my draw-string, but it calls for you to make your own out of the fabric that matches your shirt.  I also used the pockets from the second version.

Belted long shirt

The second also is a long tunic, but it does not have a drawstring.  Instead, you add belt loops and make a belt.  It also has a pocket. So, it is not that different than the first but the details make it have a different feel.

Ruffle blouse

But the third version is considerably different.  It is shorter, has only a band for the collar, and has ruffles down the button placket.  I think this creates a very sweet but grown up blouse.  I am sure I will try it some time.

And now for the review:

Sizes available: The pattern comes in European sizes 138 to 158.  My daughter wears a size 12 in U.S. sizes and I made her a 146.

Special materials required:  Because of the length of the shirt and the cuffs on the sleeves, you need quite a lot of buttons.  Also, I would recommend that you use a ribbon for the tie because making long skinny little tubes of fabric can be annoying.

Skill level required:  This is definitely an intermediate pattern as labeled.  That being said, the technique used to sew on the collar and the cuffs make very professional results.

Good:  This pattern has fabulously professional techniques and the results look better than store bought for the typical pattern.

Bad:  There is nothing bad about this pattern but it is certainly not for a begginer sewer.  But once you have decided to take up a challenge, it is well worth the added effort.
Overall pattern rating: I give this pattern4 bolts.


  1. I've always liked this pattern! I think you did a great job sewing it, it's perfect for her. I really love the thread and button color choice. She looks like she loves it, too!

    1. Thank you, I really thought those buttons were perfect too.

  2. This is a perfect tween pattern! I love the neon pops of color against the neutral check fabric.

    1. Yes, I think just about any tween girl could get good use out of a couple different versions of this pattern. Thanks.


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