Monday, March 17, 2014

Guest Review--Amy from SewsNBows--Serger Pepper Leggings

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There are so many great patterns out there, and we here at Sew Cool can't sew them all, so today we welcome back Amy as a guest reviewer to introduce us to another great tween staple!
And just so you know, Amy says this pattern is GREAT for a beginner and gives it
5 Bolts!
I'm Amy from SewsNBows, and I'm so happy to be back at Sew Cool For The Tween Scene! Last year I shared my Coco Jacket review, and today I'm here to talk about the Basic Leggings pattern from Serger Pepper!
 Serger Pepper's Basic Leggings | Sew Cool For The Tween Scene
Basic leggings are sized 3-14. They are designed for fabric with a little bit of Lycra content, but work well in cotton knits too. There's an elastic waistband and optional cuff. Basic Leggings Pattern from Serger Pepper  
What makes this pattern a standout, and a staple pattern for me; is the higher rise and extra length. There are lots of leggings patterns, but if you're sewing for tweens this one is for you. At some point, girls hips start to round out. When it happens; you may see pulling across the butt or waistbands sitting awkwardly, right across the hip bones. There may be lots of pants tugging, because even though the sizing is right, the fit is wrong. You will also appreciate this pattern if you have booty-fit issues. Sorry for lack of a more sophisticated term! This is a really common fit issue in children's (and adults) clothing. Symptoms of booty-fit issues are undies peeking out of the back waistband, and often actual butt showing when sitting or bending. This pant has a high rise, which is easily adjustable to a mid rise. This eliminates issues for developing hips and round (or flat) bottoms. It has extra length which gives it a more versatile fit. I find it much easier to detract than add when it comes to sewing. Tween Fashion Trend: Rolled Waistband I sewed the Basic Leggings almost exactly according to the pattern. My daughter loves to roll her waistband, so I didn't encase the elastic. The little girls all seem to be wearing rolled waistbands, and the sweats in the tween catalogues are rolled & stitched down. It's been a real battle here; because I think most pants sit way too low when they're rolled. Basic Leggings are just right. If you aren't sure about the rise, check out the high waisted trend in the Justice catologue. If your tween doesn't like it right now...give her 3 months:) Basic Leggings pattern from SergerPepper 
 My baby also requested that I keep the extra length. They like to bunch their leggings up and wear them with boots lately. Kind of like built in leg warmers? It works for me; because these will fit forever!
  Serger Peppers Basic Leggings  
 As for the rest of the pattern, it tapes together and trues perfectly. Instructions are easy to understand. I have no complaint at all about this pattern, and I hope you'll hop over to Serger Pepper and show Irene some love!
  Amy from SewsNBowx 
 Thanks for reading! You can find me at SewsNBows.



  1. Great look, such fun leggings!

  2. I just love how opinionated she is when it comes to her style. Check back with me in six years or so and we'll see how cute I think it is then ;) Great review Amy!

  3. i can always count on you for letting me know the pros and cons of a pattern! Thanks for the review!!

  4. Thanks Amy for this splendid review of my Basic Leggings pattern... Your description of the features are always amazing!
    Hugs xox
    MammaNene @


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