Monday, March 3, 2014

Thinking Spring--Looking Ahead to the Trends

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If you think it, it will come right?! With the hopes of warmer weather, how about a little looking ahead to Spring-y fashion for tweens, with some suggested patterns as well so that you can achieve these looks. 
First up here are some looks. Sorry, they are all girls. It just seems that boys fashion doesn't change all that much, except maybe for the bagginess of the pants...but I'll keep looking.
Also, all but Bardot are Scandinavian designers. Bardot is Australian. I think the simple designs that rely on the lines of the garment and fabric choices, so common in Scandinavian design, lends itself to being tween friendly. Most tweens don't want all the frills and ruffles anyway.

I tried to pick things that represented current trends, but also would be easy to replicate.  Here's what I came up with. I'll give you the designs first and highlight some of the trends and then at the end give you the patterns as suggestions to get that look.

Check out this exclusively tween fashion line called Frosk. I love the bold but simple patterns, the simplicity of the designs themselves and the fact that they are tween friendly (ie No belly buttons showing and appropriate length)
Trends to take note: Bold, geometric prints paired with white as well as other prints; straight lines of the dresses and skirts; wide sleeves

Pale Cloud is another line that I have fallen in love with. They are a little less edgier and a little more elegant/romantic looking, with softer edges and more pastels. Just trying to find something for everyone here.
Trends to take note: Jumpsuits/one piece outfits; baggy up top pants ; yellow, wide sleeves
 Pale Cloud, SS14 Look 9, Spring Summer 2014 Pale Cloud, SS14 Look 5, Spring Summer 2014

 Peit by Sofies Schonoor is definitely edgier, but certainly right on trend
Trends to take note: Jumpsuit/One piece, whether it's pants or shorts; Bold patterns; animal prints; black and white; baggy up top pants
Bardot is the Australian design line I stumbled across. 
Trends to take note: Jumpsuit/one piece; animal prints; geometrical prints; baggy on top pants
The nice thing about all of these looks, is that they are all totally do-able for you to make on your own. Here's a couple of suggestions to help you on your way:
From Burda Style you can get the simple lines and wide sleeves...the pattern is free, but only goes up to about a size 9. This one wouldn't be hard to add some inches for width at the shoulders and waist if needed as well as length. You could also use this as a spring board for making a wide sleeved jumpsuit, by combining it with a gathered waist pants pattern. Speaking of jumpsuits...
Jumpsuit tutorial from Simple Simon and Co...they are always ahead of the trends over there. It's even in yellow too, which seems to be a hot color for this season, as well as the neon...I keep seeing that in all of the stores (not necessarily in the design lines though).
And Peek-a-Boo patterns just came out with a jumpsuit pattern as well.
Image of Amelia Dress & Romper
There are so many options when it comes to jumpsuits...
This dress pattern is similar to the one in the Frosk picture and we reviewed it here.
The Go to Patterns Anywhere dress has some great simple lines that would work well with the current style and you could pair it with a bold print or even an animal print...or how about an animal stenciled strategically on someplace. I'm thinking at the hem or on the side vs. in the middle.
And here are a couple of shirt ideas...just click on the shirt to find the pattern.
Serephic Raglan by Figgy's
Skipper Top by Sew Much Ado
Burda Style free pattern
  As for the pants, I couldn't find any one pattern that fit the bill, but if it were me I would take a pajamas pants pattern and make them draw string, instead of elastic. Then I would play with the width of the legs, till they were a little more fitted and straight legged. Once again the lovely ladies over at Simple Simon and Co have a great tutorial about drafting your own.

So there you have some Spring inspiration for your sewing!


  1. fun post Sally!!! Thank you!

  2. Great looks! The one thing I am not a huge fan of is the trend towards jumpsuits. I know it is a huge trend right now, but the kids have to basically get all undressed to go to the bathroom. They are just not that easy to get in and out of.

    1. Completely agree...but I'd much rather it be my 10 year old wearing one than my 3 or 4 year old one trying to get out of it in time to use the bathroom:)

    2. I am thinking that if I make a separate top and bottom out of the same fabric, I can get the look of a jumpsuit without the inconvience. My daughter loves a monochromatic look anyway, so she will probably love this idea.

  3. Love the first two shops you highlighted!


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