Monday, August 11, 2014

A Sewing Plan ~ Major Moma

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How do you decide what to sew for your tween?  Do you have a planned and organized approach,
or do you haphazardly make things that seem fun at the time? Or are your projects more event based … he needs a vest for Aunt Suzie’s wedding?

I (Major Moma) normally sew according to a plan; especially when I am sewing for a new school year.
My kids pick out three main colors and a neutral and I buy fabric in quantities that are high enough for multiple clothing items.  My thoughts are that then they can mix and match and have different looks that will all coordinate.  This greatly reduces the “you are not wearing that shirt with those pants to school” announcements 5 minutes before we are supposed to leave.

Pantone is THE place to find out what are the latest colors in fashion, if you are into that sort of thing.

I then pick one really basic top pattern that I can make a couple different ways, a basic pant, and then a couple fun patterns.  I figure something like a t-shirt can be made simply in a different fabric or have an embellishment added to it so that it does not look the same clothing item.

Burdastyle corduroy pants 11/2013 #141
For girls size 12 and up, the Parisian top is a great option.
Figgy's Seraphic raglan T

I also try to pick out one sweater or pull-over pattern and one dress to round out the wardrobe.  My
goal is usually to make 6-7 tops and 3-4 pants.  And then I just supplement with RTW to fill any gaps.
Willow & CO Hawthorne Zip-up

I am in Afghanistan right now, so none of the above will apply this year.  She will have to suffer through clothes shopping with her father. I just hope they find things that fit.

How do you plan your tween sewing?


  1. Occasionally I will do a s.w.a.p., but more often than not I just make outfits. I rarely will do a top that doesn't have bottoms to match, so I *kinda* plan. As for the fabrics, I will let her go through my vast stash of fabrics and pick out her favorites. I have bought so much random stuff over the years that I can usually find coordinates bought years apart.

  2. I do some planning and some random sewing. She often says, "mom I need..." and then we try and make that. But sometimes I just end up with fabric and say, "Hey do you want me to make this into..." Somehow hand me downs, sewn by mom and RTW all together round out the wardrobe! :)

  3. Love those Pantene colors!! My tween has taken to drawing me pictures of what she wants me to make for her and then I am charged with finding a pattern to match. Our latest purchase has been Vogure 8881. Pattern is ordered, have not tried sewing it yet. Wish me luck!!


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