Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Guest Celebratory Post--Sabra from Sew a Straight Line

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Today, to help us celebrate, we have Sabra from Sew A Straight Line, sharing her favorite pattern. She always has something awesome she's sewn up for her boys. I love her style. 
My favorite pattern for tweens is the Paperback Writer pants from Ottobre 6/2010.  The size range doesn't go too far into the Tween Zone, ranging 92cm-140cm, which I estimate to be about 2T-10 in US ready-to-wear sizes.  But it does go larger than many patterns. 
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 And pants are so easy to lengthen, that I can still get use of the largest size option for my 11 year old by lengthening the legs.  Because it does have such a wide size range, it's also easy to trace out a custom size.  My eight year old has super long legs, but has the waist of a 12 month old (I'm serious).  I love patterns with lots of sizes, so I can get the exact fit by combining the sizes that my kids need where they need them. 
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 And I just love Ottobre patterns, in general, for all things tween.  Many of their patterns go up to 170 cm, which I think would be around a size 14.  The fit is always awesome, the finishing professional, and the style so good.  I love that these pants don’t look homemade, but they also aren't basic jeans you’d buy at the department store.  They're just cool!  It’s because of patterns like the Paperback Writers, that I totally enjoy sewing for my older son.  I love going into a pattern knowing that I’m going to end up with something we’re both happy with, and I get that with the Paperback Writer pants.


  1. I LOVE those pants! I made a pair that I still have to write about. I just adore your boy clothes!


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