Friday, August 22, 2014

Choosing Colors

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Earlier in my post on how I plan my sewing, I told you all that I usually pick a handful of colors to use throughout my sewing. I usually pick at least one main color, a couple secondary colors and a couple neutrals that coordinate well. And then I use those colors as a guide when I go to buy my fabric. I try to purchase at least one print that has all or most of those colors in it so that everything can mix and match together.

Often, I go off the Pantone colors. Way back when, Pantone got to the place where they basically announce what the “it” colors are for each season. Even if you do not follow the trends strictly, this can be helpful because the odds are; the stores are following these trends and will have collections that have those colors in abundance.

Another option to determine what colors you want to go with is to simply Google “fashion color boards” and find things like:

art design fashion

Mood fabric has “mood” boards from which you can draw inspiration.

Or, if there is a fabric collection that a store offers, you can simply use the coordinated fabrics. JoAnn has one called Doodles that has several varieties of knit, woven, and pant weight fabrics.

Online fabric stores like also have “design walls” that you can post your fabric choices to ensure they all coordinate.

How do you pick your colors?   

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