Saturday, August 23, 2014

One Year Celebration

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Can you believe it?!  Sew Cool for the Tween Scene has been around for one year!  And what a fun one it has been. To celebrate over the next 2 weeks, we have some guest posters coming your way to share their all time favorite tween pattern. It's always fun to get some good opinions on a pattern that is loved.
As for us here at Sew Cool, we've enjoyed this year of searching out and trying new tween patterns. If anything it has made us more aware of what is out there and hopefully it's put a little bug in designer's ears that there is a demand for this age group. Lately it seems like patterns in the tween sizes have been crawling out of the wood work, there are so many of them.  We're liking this trend!

It's also been fun to see what you have been making with the Linky Parties each month! Please continue to share...we've found some good patterns and great ideas from those.
Another fun bonus has been the exploring of tween fashion...the trends, the colors the crazy's made us think about what we are sewing as well as the opinions of our tweens.  We'll be doing more with this as well...mostly because Major Moma is still not able to get any sewing done. Doing things like this gives her a chance to blog too:)

What has made this year the best though, is the sense of community we've found with fellow bloggers/sewists that are trying to navigate the crazy tween years and for that we just want to say THANK YOU!

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