Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow" - Snow Suits

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Today we are welcoming back Amy from Peek-a-Boo Patterns.  (Update: Sew Cool now has a few affiliate links and Peek-a-boo Patterns is one of them.  We think Amy carries great patterns for tweens so we think the affiliate program is a good fit.)  This summer, she shared with us her line of swimsuit patterns and now she is sharing the opposite, snow suits.  Snow gear can be very expensive but very necessary in some climates.  Amy has developed a pattern that can give your child quality snow gear that fits their tastes.


Winter is almost here and it's time to think about snow gear! This is something I never thought I would sew but you know what? I did it and it was a lot of fun! And not nearly as intimidated as I thought it might be :) Most importantly my little girl is so happy to have a snow suit made just for her in fabrics she loves!


The Polar Pal Parka is new to Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop (affiliate link)and includes all of the details you'd expect to find in high end snow gear. The 4-piece hood zips up nice and high to keep little chins snug and warm.

The color blocking on the side seams is optional but it does add an extra bit of fun!


My favorite features is the cuffs! These are not hard at all but give your parka such a professional finish! The back half is elastic and the front has a velcro tab so you can adjust the cuff to get a nice snug fit over any size mitten and keep the snow out.


And of course every parka needs pockets! The pattern includes zippered pockets or inseam pockets.


The Polar Pal Parka is an advanced sew and took my testing team an average of 4-5 hours to complete. If you choose to skip the color blocking and pockets you can definitely whip it up a bit more quickly :) It has 3 layers for added warmth and coziness. While it is a bit more time consuming of a project you will be so proud when you're finished! I love that it's something I know will get tons of wear this winter (and probably next year too)!


Don't forget some Blizzard Buddy Snow Pants to go with your Parka! If you buy both patterns remember to use the code "snowman" to save $3 at checkout. These are an intermediate sew and took my testing an average of 2 hours to complete so this is a much quicker project with a nice professional finish


My favorite part is the optional powder cuff to keep the snow out of boots :)


Both patterns include a very detailed section on choosing your fabrics. Believe it or not you can get everything you need for this project at most chain fabric stores! The pattern will walk you through the different options depending on your budge and the warmth factor you're looking for. I made my set from PUL outer layer, batting interlining and fleece lining and it is super cozy! I was really happy with how the PUL sewed up and it comes in lots of fun prints and patterns.


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