Friday, October 17, 2014

Making Colored Fur Coats

Pin It Now that you have decided whether your tween would wear colored fur, how are you going to make it?

Pale Cloud

Fur is not hard to sew, but it does have some special considerations.  One is all that fur.  What you will need to do in order to reduce bulk, is to trim the seam allowances down.  That way, you can sew without all that fur in the way and your seams will not be too bulky.  Second after sewing, you will need to take a small tool, like a stylus, and gently pull the fur on the right side out of the seam.

For more tips on how to sew fur, you can go to this Instructables post or Sew 4 Home.

Several stores carry colored fur and minky is a nice alternative to faux fur.  Here are a couple fabric options that caught my eye on

Minky Crushed Cuddle fabric

Minky Soft Lattice Cuddle fabric
Minky Crushed Cuddle fabric

There are several jacket patterns out there, many that we featured on our "Making Moto" post in September.  But as winter is coming around the corner, I thought I would also point out some great heavier jacket patterns.

Burdastyle Long Dress Coat

And if making a whole coat is not on your list, then what about a hat, scarf, or some mittens.  Then your tween can follow this trend without you giving up a couple weekends.  Here are a few tutorials you may find useful.

Sew Creative
Flamingo Toes

How to Sew a Fur Hat video  

If you make something with fur, colored or otherwise, we would love to see it and hear about your experience.  You can link up to our monthly party or shoot us an email and maybe we can have you guest post!


  1. I made my girl a fur coat this fall, but unfortunately can't post it until next month. I have made other fur things, though (vests, capes). This last one was very furry, so I had to make sure I didn't cut the fur when I was cutting the fabric. You have to slide the scissors under the fur and just cut the backing and not the actual fur. Picking the fur out of the seams is essential, too. I usually use the top piece of my seam ripper. Long stitches are good, too, otherwise you have a hard time getting the fur out of the stitches.

  2. Hi Love this newly discovered site>
    I am looking for a teen /adult Minky fur jacket pattern. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you

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