Monday, October 13, 2014

Would they were that? Colored Fur

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It is time for another installment of Would They Wear That?   And this time I am featuring a very fun and wild trend ... colored fur.  I know that tweens can be very self conscious and not want to stand out, and this is definitely a stand out kind of trend.  But, I also think when you are young, you can really have fun with some of these crazy trends.  When you are young, you do not need to worry about looking 'professional' or being taken seriously.

So here are a few takes of colored fur that are on the runway for this fall:



And the colored fur trends are not staying on the runway or in adult fashion.  Several boutique children's designers are using colored fur in their lines.

Pale Cloud

Mayoral Girls Pink Gilet

Super Trash girls jacket

I love how different designers are using the colored fur to create accents or go all out bold and rocker. This is a style that I think my daughter would love because she has always enjoyed a little bit of edge or something different in the clothes that I make her.

So what about your tween?  Would they wear colored fur?

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