Friday, October 10, 2014

Pattern Review: Ethan Shirt

Pin It Hey there! This is Audrey from over at Skirt Fixation! Although we mostly blog about skirts, today we won’t be mentioning the word! That's because one of the two tweens we sew for is a BOY! We’re here today to tell you about an awesome shirt pattern for tweens. We love this one so much we’ve sewed some version of it 3 times for 2 different tweens!

3 Ethan PDF patterns

Name of the pattern: Ethan Shirt

Pattern Source: Sis Boom Patterns

Sizes available: 1-14 I sewed up two size 7s and a size 14

Special materials required: Interfacing and patience

Skill level required: Advanced Beginner or Intermediate Seamstress

How you came to choose the pattern: This pattern was the Flip This Pattern choice for August over at Frances Suzanne. But we’ve been challenged by the males in our family to learn to sew tailored men’s clothing, so we were on the lookout for a good button up shirt pattern anyway!

Did you deviate from the pattern? If yes, how? You can read all the details of how I changed the Ethan shirt when I flipped it into a Black Denim Jacket here on our blog, Skirt Fixation. The only change I made when I sewed it up for my 9-year-old boy was to make it a button down collar. Because of the aforementioned challenge from the males! For the vest he is wearing, I did use the Ethan pattern, but I changed it quite a bit. (This was the easiest of the three ways I sewed the Ethan Shirt.) You can read exactly how over on the blog for the vest tutorial.

3 Ethan Shirt patterns

Good: If you want to look like an accomplished seamstress, this is the pattern you will sew! And, as an accessory to go with this shirt I made a bow tie and learned how to tie it. Bonus skill!

Bad: As mentioned above, this pattern takes time and patience. Don’t plan on sewing it all in one sitting because you will get tired and mess up!

Ugly: We won a prize for our flip of the Ethan Shirt into a denim jacket. Between that and the way the males in our house are gloating over our sewing abilities, we are now strutting around like peacocks! This pattern will seriously inflate the size of your sewing ego!

3 Ethan Shirt patterns

Overall pattern rating: 5 bolts. Seriously! You can do it…just be patient and take your time!

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