Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Project Run & Play Signature Style Plus a Review...Kind Of

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Classic Gone Global...
That's what I'm calling my signature look for Project Run and Play.
This look takes a little global twist to a great classic of a pattern. And since we appear to be global with all of the things my globe trotting husband brings home from places like Africa and India, I thought it would fit to make this my signature look. I love the simplicity and longevity of a good classic garment, but it's always fun to spin it a slightly different way. 
I originally made this dress and posted about it here, as part of the summer FLIP series over at Frances Suzanne.

The original pattern is the Ethan Shirt by Sis Boom
It is a great pattern for a button up shirt that would work well for a boy or girl, that is well written and easy to follow. I would put it at an advanced beginner level. The pattern really does walk you through all of the steps, even if you haven't done a collar with a stand of sleeve cuffs you should give it a try!  So while I haven't sewn it up as is yet...I would still give this one 4 bolts for being a great pattern!  When I actually sew it up as is, I will give it a more thorough review, but I would highly recommend it if you need a button up shirt pattern!
 To get this look, I left off the collar and used the collar stand to create a Mandarin looking collar.  I obviously elongated the hem to make it a dress instead of a shirt and gave it more of an A-line shape. I also added 2 pockets instead of one, cuffed the sleeves with a tab and added black piping throughout. Oh and I put in one back pleat in the middle instead of the pleats on each side.
 We had visions of taking pictures at the botanical gardens here because there is a cool Oriental Gardens there, including some cool outer structures and bridges...but life happens and that didn't. I'm always in awe of the amazing 'photo shoots' people do to document the clothes they've created...then I remind myself they are usually little kids and those people don't usually have 2 teenagers going 2 different directions, a pre-teen with her own activities and a 6 year old as well. It's not that we have our kids in a lot of activities, it's just that as they get older those activities require more time, the kids require more running around and frankly taking pictures is not what they want to be doing with their free time...plus bribery at that age is a little more expensive. A lolly pop just doesn't cut it anymore. That being said, I love how these pictures turned out...she looks beautiful in them.


  1. This is just so classic. She looks so lovely in it :)

  2. She looks so grown-up. I like the contrasting piping.
    Deborah @ Sew Much to Give

  3. Maybe it's just the collar or those chop sticks in her hair but it's very Mandarin Classic & that's a great look.

  4. super cute! i love how you styled this!! Great for signature look! I just linked up my all boy style and I'm loving all the other links! Emily


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