Monday, October 20, 2014

Making Jeans

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 Do you sew your tween's jeans?  I think this is one of the most intimidating of all articles of clothing for a home sewer.  There is the fly and then all that top-stitching.  But really, they are not as hard as they look and with the right hardware and embellishments, you can make a very cool looking pair of jeans.

But are they worth it?  You can buy jeans pretty cheap at most kids clothing stores, so you may wonder if it make sense to make jean.  I (Major Moma) did not feel like making any one year for my daughter and Old Navy had their back to schools sales with $10 jeans.  How could I pass that up?  Well, the first day my daughter wore a pair that I bought, she went riding on her bike and fell; the knee in those jeans had a huge rip in it.  On day one.  Isn't that supposed to be the beauty of denim, its strength and durability?

I have made several pairs of jeans for my son and a few for my daughter and the fabric at Joanns (not a retailer known for its high end fabrics) is a high enough quality that it takes a lot of abuse to wear them out.

So it may be worth it to you to sew jeans.  But what patterns to use?  Sew Cool has reviewed a couple patterns and so you can see what we think of some options.

Ottobre 3/2010 by Land of KA
Burda Kids 9500
Burdastyle #149

Below is a roundup of various patterns, some I have sewn and some that I have seen around on the internet.

Slim Jim Pants by Felicity
Burdastyle corduroy pants 11/2013

Only up to size 10; but Peek-a-Boo skinny jeans
have great reviews. (affiliate)
Burdastyle Boy's corduroy pants 08/2013

small fry skinny jean

And now that you see some options, we would like all of you to show the jeans patterns that you love and share your experiences.  We have a special linky party open just for jeans and pants.  Please link up any jeans patterns that you have sewn for your tween or at least the pattern has tween sizes.

Finally, we have started a new board on our Pinterest account that is solely dedicated to jeans.  You can pop on over to there to see various patterns and tutorials to make you home made jeans custom and cool.

Let's sew some jeans!

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  1. Thank you so much!! I'm going to start checking these out. :)


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